Free up your time spent administering sight word spelling tests with this COMPLETE program that assesses almost automatically.

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Are you constantly in a losing a battle with the classroom clock?

Chances are your students are at all different levels in your classroom making it nearly impossible to find time to administer multiple spelling lists...if you have time to even send home the spelling lists in the first place.

There has got to be a better way to assess and have students practice their sight words.

Hands up if this sounds familiar...

  • Students are just memorizing spelling lists to pass the test, then promptly forget the words when it comes time to use them.
  •  There is not enough time to differentiate lists to effectively reach all your students.
  • Many students consistently passing your spelling tests already know a majority of the words and are quickly growing bored with spelling.
  • Your students are not motivated to work on their sight word flash cards.

You and your class deserve a better system.

Imagine what would happen if things were different.

If you could finally free up time and have your sight word program running almost automatically in the background of your school day?

Well, you can.

The Sight Word Spelling Program uses tried and true sight words that students must know to be successful writers and readers.

These are not your traditional spelling lists. Students won't be memorizing to pass the test and forget what they learned next week.


The Complete Sight Word Spelling Program

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Practice Video Test ($5 value - FREE)
  • 10 Pretest Videos* ($100 value)
  • 44 Spelling Test Videos* ($220 value)
  • 5 Student Assessment Booklets* ($3 value)
  • 44 Spelling Lists with Separate Answer Keys* - great for an aide or volunteer ($10 value)
  • 45 Parent Notes ($3 value)
  • Teacher Organization - binder cover and file folder labels ($2 value)
  • Student Tracking ($2 value)
  • Student Certificates and Reward Tags ($3 value)
  • 8 Spelling Test Recording Sheets ($2 value)
  • Student Flash Cards* - with and without traceable words using the Dolch list ($5 value)
  • Bulletin board header ($2 value)


*Note: This program utilizes the 220 Dolch words for the spelling lists and assessments.

Not Just Another Flash Card Program

This is a complete system for practicing and assessing sight words which includes flash cards to support individual practice. Students will work on their individualized list of sight words and assess as needed - any day of the week!

You'll be amazed at the time you free up in your class and how excited students are to level up and receive their rewards (certificate and reward tags).

Get the System Working in 4 Steps...

Pre-Assess your class individually or whole group using the pretest videos.

Review the results and assign students their list with the take home family letters.

Students practice their individual lists as needed.

Students take ownership and assess when ready. Assign their test digitally!

Who can use this program?

First Graders

First graders at the start of the school year are ready to kick off their sight word learning using this program immediately.

Second Graders

Second graders can use this program all year but many may only need it for half of the school year depending on their reading and writing levels.

Struggling Readers

Students significantly below grade level in reading and writing can benefit from using this program. I stayed away from cutesy fonts so even upper elementary students won't feel embarrassed practicing their sight words.

simple and easy.

Assessment in minutes. Differentiation done.  Results priceless.

The Complete Sight Word Spelling Program has everything you need.

What customers have said about other Shared Teaching sight word products:

My students loved getting to use this resource in centers as another hands on way to practice their sight words! There were so many words in this that I had all the words that I needed. Thank you so much!"

Melissa D.

This is an awesome resource to send home with struggling students who need a little extra practice. This is a great resource also to use in centers and sensory learning to help the children practice their sight words. My students love when they can practice their sight words in different ways then just writing them."

Heather b.



You can start using the Sight Word Assessment Program at ANY time of the year! It's never too late (or too early) to start this with your students.


This program is designed to work year long, depending on which list your students pretest to start with. For the past 3 years I have used this program for the majority of my second grade students all year. Students that "test out" and finish all 44 lists before the year is over can work on grade level spelling materials (not provided with this program).


While adding the videos can take a little bit of tech know-how, I've taken all the guesswork out of it by providing tutorial videos. Watch me as I show you how to assign the videos to your students using Canvas Instructure and Google Classroom. Please note that YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT to access the videos via a Google Drive folder.


Absolutely! In fact, I tested this when I taught online and then hybrid in the 2020-2021 school year. It works perfectly. Use the added bonus files to have students submit their tests using Google Forms or take a picture of their handwritten work and submit using Google Slides.


The Complete Sight Word Program uses all 220 Dolch words from PrePrimer to 3rd Grade in high frequency order. Lists are grouped in sets of 5 to make it easy to combine sets for differentiation without overwhelm.


The Complete Sight Word Program is a practice and assessment program, not a teaching method. Feel free to teach the Dolch sight words within this program using your favorite phonics techniques whether heart word mapping or something else. Students would simply study their differentiated list(s) throughout the day using the methods you have taught. Then assign them the test when they feel ready.

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My Story

Hi, I'm Susan.

I was teaching a large class of first graders who were at many different reading levels. I was going crazy trying to meet all their needs and differentiate their sight word lists. One day I decided to start pre-recording my spelling tests using the sight words and the very early days of the Sight Word Assessment and Spelling Program was born.  

Fast forward 10 years and I am still using this assessment program in my second grade classroom. Having all the Dolch sight words placed in small lists allows me to provide incredibly differentiated lists to my students. 

Let's not spend another day battling the classroom clock to fit in sight words.

Now is the time to sign up and get the best price you will ever see.